Greg Griffith

Front End Developer


My name’s Greg Griffith, and I’m a front end developer in Austin, TX. Throughout my life, I’ve had many interests, but the act of building has been central to them all.

It started with K’nex when I was eleven. I spent hours at my grandma’s house constructing roller coasters. In high school, I was the president of the Robotics Club. And even later, when I began surfing on the Gulf Coast, I was inspired to make boards for every member of my family. So it’s no surprise that despite my educational background in communication, I happily found my way to web development.

My colleagues have called me lightening fast on project builds, but I enjoy slowing down to learn new languages and techniques. Through clean code and user inspired design, I build websites that allow others to connect with their audience and achieve their goals.

So, drop me a line, and let’s build something radical together!

Tools of Choice

HTML5, CSS(SASS), JavaScript, jQuery, Grunt, SVN, Cross Browser Support, Responsive Websites, Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress, DotCMS, Bootstrap, Velocity, Agile Workflow

I am also familiar with

Angular.JS, PHP, Big Cartel, Git

TS Bank

Minimalist responsive website using modular UI to allow site-wide consistancy.

Del-One Federal Credit Union

Makes use of CSS Animations to allow a user frienly experience.

Shutter to Film

Built in wordpress to take advantage of tags and organized posts.

Verity Credit Union

Using modular design to allow Verity CU to easily modify pages and maintain uniformity.

Check out what I code for fun at